May 05, 2016

Film 12/4 – The Kite…  Spring came exceptionally early this year, bringing warm sunny evenings to enjoy outside!  This hill is in our community and has become one of our favourite places to walk and explore. It also makes for a great place to fly a kite!  I had no intention of doing this entire film in slow-motion, however, it was SO windy that it actually was softer when slowed down.  The film also was intended to be activity driven, but my mama’s heart melted a thousand times over as I watched my three loves and knew that a song I have been holding onto for moments like these would be perfect.

It is so far from perfect technically, but can I tell you how my heart swells as I watch this?  And though I’ve wrestled with it a hundred times while editing, the laughter, love and bond of these three never grows old and my face hurts from smiling so much!  They are my everything!



April 18, 2016

Film12 / 3 – Easter Eggs… a simple take on Easter eggs (thank you Pinterest!).  A tradition we will carry on that inspired creativity and rich conversation; beautiful simplicity that spoke truth and meaning into the greatest celebration of the year!




March 22, 2016


Film12 / 2 – Slush Cup… This month’s film was a huge challenge!  I knew I wanted to capture just a snapshot of the Slush Cup Soccer tournament up in Edmonton that my daughter and her team were a part of, but it proved to be challenging on SO many levels…

– indoor sports arena light is terrible,  like disgusting!

– fast action is really difficult to keep in focus, groups of moving, giggling girls is really difficult to keep in focus

– I was repeatedly kicked off the sidelines and told to stay up top with the spectators, half a mile away and viewing through a net

– I’m a parent that loves to cheer (not much quieter than a fog horn – just ask my fellow parent cheer squad!) so it was a constant battle to stay focused

So the end result is not exactly as I had hoped, but the point of this project is to learn and to try new things, and more importantly have a collection of memories that will be treasured for years to come.  This team, Argyle, holds such a special place in our hearts… it was truly an amazing season of soccer, friendship and fun.  Love you Argyle family!!

Here’s just little portion of our time together at the Slush Cup…