There is something about your first house… the house that you begin your marriage in, the house that your babies come home to from the hospital, the house that acquires a few bumps and bruises on its walls and floors all in the name of fun and love!  The day we moved from our first home, I wept.  Not because I wasn’t excited for what was to come but because it was like saying goodbye to a good friend.  A friend that was part of our life story.  ‘Home’ will always be where my loves are and will never be in a single place, but that little house will always have a special place in our hearts!

My dear friend, Virginia, and her gorgeous little family are about to transition to an amazing new house!  It will be a house full of beauty (because this girl has some serious taste in design!!) and full of so many new memories, ones that her boys will carry with them their entire life.  But they are saying goodbye to their first home too!  So we decided to shoot a lifestyle session in the rooms they live, doing the things they do.  There was nothing posed, nothing directed, just an evening of observation… an incredible privilege to be a part of!  Here’s a look at what transpired… watch the video at the end for the full story!

V, thank you.




Are you moving? Interested in doing a lifestyle session in your home?  I would love to chat!! 🙂  Drop me a line