July 04, 2013

There is something about your first house… the house that you begin your marriage in, the house that your babies come home to from the hospital, the house that acquires a few bumps and bruises on its walls and floors all in the name of fun and love!  The day we moved from our first home, I wept.  Not because I wasn’t excited for what was to come but because it was like saying goodbye to a good friend.  A friend that was part of our life story.  ‘Home’ will always be where my loves are and will never be in a single place, but that little house will always have a special place in our hearts!

My dear friend, Virginia, and her gorgeous little family are about to transition to an amazing new house!  It will be a house full of beauty (because this girl has some serious taste in design!!) and full of so many new memories, ones that her boys will carry with them their entire life.  But they are saying goodbye to their first home too!  So we decided to shoot a lifestyle session in the rooms they live, doing the things they do.  There was nothing posed, nothing directed, just an evening of observation… an incredible privilege to be a part of!  Here’s a look at what transpired… watch the video at the end for the full story!

V, thank you.




Are you moving? Interested in doing a lifestyle session in your home?  I would love to chat!! :)  Drop me a line info@lindsaynicholsphotography.com

  • These are so great and such a fantastic way to remember that first "love"

  • Charlyn Stanley

    That is a Great way to capture the life in a house! How so you feel about pictures of moving into a new house??!!

  • OH my gosh you guys! I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes the whole way through the photos. I'm so proud of you Virginia for capturing these moments in your home before you move on to a new phase in life; both in location and moving out of "baby" phase. I'm actually crying now. Children grow so fast and no matter how many times someone tells you that, you never really grasp it until they surpass you in height and stop climbing in to your bed for stories at night because everyone doesn't fit there anymore. Lindsay you did SUCH an amazing job. Seriously seriously amazing. JUST WOW. I love you both. :)

  • what an amazing time captured. The truth & honesty of how we move about our home space, with our kids, our partners. The comfort of home. The love shared their. These are precious memories & kudos to you all for having them photographed with such creative flair. Beautiful work.

  • So cute! I would have loved to have something like this from every house I ever lived in. Not only is it great for Virginia and Kevin but for Hugh and Oliver as they grow up too. Awesome!